Speak the 5 Languages of Love with Salted Macadamia! 💖

Spread the Love this Valentine’s Day

According to Dr. Gary Chapman, everyone expresses and experiences love in one of 5 ‘love’ languages. But chances are, your significant other may feel most valued in a different love language to you, meaning your efforts could be going unnoticed. Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with a partner, a group of friends or your family, scroll down to see our suggestions on how to speak all 5 languages with a jar of our delicious Salted Macadamia!

1. If they love recieving gifts

Wrap it up and tie a bow! While this love language seems quite straightforward if your significant other loves receiving gifts then focus on choosing something unique and thoughtful. Rather than flowers or chocolate which could feel a little cliche, say ‘I love you’ with our gold-medal winning Salted Macadamia – they’ll love the quality ingredients and thoughtful packaging. 

2. If they appreciate quality time…

Plan a carefree picnic! If your loved one values spending time together then organise an experience that they will remember. Whether you head to the beach, your local park or even set up a picnic rug on your living room floor, be sure to put your phone away and offer your undivided attention. Make it extra special with a sweet Valentine’s Day platter packed with all their favourite baking and seasonal fruit. Don’t forget a jar of Salted Macadamia to dunk your strawberries into. 

3. If they crave acts of service…

Treat them to breakfast in bed. Does your loved one feel the most valued when you go out of your way to do things for them? Give them an excuse to stay in their pyjamas all morning, and treat them to a delicious stack of pancakes in bed. Top things off with Salted Macadamia, caramelised banana and chocolate shaved on top – fingers crossed they’ll be happy to share! 

4. If they cherish words of affirmation…

Polish up your penman skills! If your special someone feels most uplifted through kind and thoughtful words, then this Valentine’s Day, be sure to post them a card – the old school way! Stuck on how to get started? How about “Besides Salted Macadamia, you’re my favourite” or “You’re my ‘butter’ half” – a good pun can go a long way! 

5. If they need your physical touch…

Make it a movie date! If the person you care about feels most connected when cuddling up, we’re giving you the perfect excuse to hit the couch this Valentine’s Day! Get a list ready with all their fav rom-coms….(or action films if that’s their preference!) and organise a selection of delicious movie snacks. We recommend sprucing up homemade popcorn by drizzling Salted Macadamia through it while it’s hot. The smell is heavenly! 

Regardless of the love language, you’re planning to speak this Valentine’s Day, say it with Salted Macadamia! Because nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like our super drizzly, caramel goodness! 

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