Forty Thieves was founded by Shyr and Brent, two health conscious individuals that love a bit of a challenge.


Humble beginnings

After a number of years of working long hours in Sydney, we put everything on hold to go travelling around the world. Many experiences later (including 7 days trekking in the Himalayan mountains, jumping out of a plane in Haifa and 5 days sailing around the San Blas Islands in Panama) we decided to head back to NZ, feeling enlightened, refreshed and ready for a new challenge.


Runners X Foodies

We love being outdoors. Running, cycling, hiking, swimming, you name it. A balanced diet plays an integral role when trying to reach our exercise goals so we avoid refined sugars and heavily processed food. We also love eating. You can guarantee that anything we produce is going to be freakin’ delicious because we’re going to eat it too. Never compromise on flavour!


An office with a view

The magic happens on the sunny Hibiscus Coast, just 45 minutes north of Auckland. Each Nut and Seed Butter is carefully crafted in small batches, from only the best ingredients, uniquely mixed into pleasantly surprising combinations. We mill, blend, bottle and package everything ourselves to make sure it’s done right!


Design Driven Products

With a background in digital and graphic design, all our branding, packaging and collateral is created in-house. Using splashes of bright colours on clean white textured stock helps our customers know that though we’re serious about good health, a little fun is important too! We consider the environment when selecting our packaging, always choosing glass and paper over plastic whenever we can.


What’s in a name?

Our inspiration came from the story of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, an adventure packed tale filled with hidden treasure, enchanted caves and the famous secret passcode: Open Sesame. Like the magical cave, our products are also packed with hidden gems; precious metals including magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and calcium. With a simple twist of the cap, these can all be unlocked and enjoyed – no secret passcode required.

We love feedback!

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