Rescuing Our Seconds for First-rate Causes

When our production team switches between nut butter flavours, we’re left with a surplus of nut butter made from a combination of two different flavours. These are bottled up into what we call Second Chance nut butters. Some may be sweet, some may be savoury. While these jars are not for sale, they are donated to some amazing NZ charities and organisations instead! Know any charities or causes that would love our Second Chance Butters? We’d love to hear from you.! Get in touch us via the contact us section on our website.

Giving Back to Our Community

Supporting Local Schools: From new playgrounds and sports events to cultural resources, each week we donate jars of Peanut Butter for raffles and fundraisers that help schools around New Zealand improve the wellbeing of their learners.

Feeding Communities: Love Soup is a local food bank on the Hibiscus Coast, Auckland, providing daily nourishment to people in our community facing hardship. We’ve provided over 60kg of nut butter this year to create healthy meals.

Protecting Wildlife: We’re passionate about helping our native bird population thrive by eliminating pests. We’ve donated over 65kg of nut butter to projects run by Forst & Bird at our local sanctuary Shakespear Park and around the Hibiscus Coast, Auckland.

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