Deliciously Disguised as Dessert

Introducing; Chocolate Fudge Peanut Butter & Cinnamon Donut Peanut Butter

Deliciously disguised as dessert, we’ve smuggled in the goodness of healthy peanuts, cashews and almonds to create a fudge-tastic, super-smooth chocolate butter and a donut-riffic cinnamon butter!

Even the fussiest little eaters deserve real nutrition everyday and in their lunchboxes. With Forty Thieves, they can enjoy the same level of sweetness, rich flavour and super creamy texture as those other sweet spreads you might know from Europe. While benefiting from up to 82% whole nuts, as little as 2.7g of sugar per serve and a clean ingredient list without flavours, colours or palm oil!

Chocolate Fudge Peanut Butter

Rich, fudgy and easy to spread, if you’ve been searching for a healthier and more sustainable chocolate spread, this is the one! Made with the goodness of peanuts & cashews and contains just 3.6g sugar per serve, it’s the perfect guilt-free and low-sugar treat!

Cinnamon Donut Peanut Butter

This super-smooth, warm-spiced nut butter is made with the goodness of peanuts, cashews & almonds, and contains just 2.7g sugar per serve. Digging into our Cinnamon Donut Peanut Butter is the best way to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Meet Our Newest Mascot, Mr Smuggles™

While parents will spot our 4-star health rating on the front, it’s our newest mascot, Mr Smuggles™  that will let the kids know this jar’s for them! Mr Smuggles™ is a fun-loving peanut thief that smuggles goodness into every day. Whether it’s the extra energy needed for an outdoor adventure, or the goodness of nuts and seeds to help kids grow!

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