5 Ways To Reuse Your Glass Jars

It’s Plastic Free July! ♻️

Plastic Free July is a global initiative that encourages individuals to become a part of the solution to plastic pollution. This important month-long event gives us the opportunity to reflect on our plastic consumption and challenges us to take small, daily actions to create long-lasting habits. There are plenty of ways to refuse single use plastics, and it’s a lot easier than it sounds! Some great alternatives include bringing your own bags to the supermarket, using a keep cup for your morning coffee, and having a reusable drink bottle in your bag ready to go!

At Forty Thieves, sustainability has always been one of our core values. With a goal to reduce plastic waste all year round, we’re proud to offer our nut butters in recyclable glass jars, with metal lids and paper labels. 

This Plastic Free July, we’re challenging you to reuse our glass jars before hauling them into the recycling bin! From decorative storage around the house, to fun and meaningful gifts, we’ve put together 5 simple, crafty ideas that you have to try this Plastic Free July, and beyond. 


How to prepare your glass jar:


The easiest way to remove the labels from our jars is to let them soak in hot soapy water for a few hours. The soap will make the labels a lot less sticky and easier to peel off. If the label is still difficult to remove, grab a scourer and scrub the remnants under warm running water. Once removed, dry the jar off and reuse it as:


1. Home-made Gift


Our Forty Thieves Gingerbread Bliss Ball baking mix is a delicious way to give your glass jar a second life, and your friend a special home-made gift! Decorate the jar with some twine and a label tag or card to give it a more personal feel. If you’d like to try out this recipe, you can find it on our website under the recipe tab.


2. Terrarium


Terrariums are the perfect way to spruce up your home with a little greenery. They don’t take up a lot of space, don’t need a lot of care and are beautiful to look at! You can build a terrarium in just a few minutes, and get the kids involved as well! All you need is a glass jar, a hand full of pebbles, potting soil and a small plant. First, cover the bottom of the jar with pebbles and stones for drainage. Then, layer an inch or two with potting soil and pot your plant. You can always top your terrarium with more pebbles or decorative stones to add some more flare.


3. Countertop Storage


Who doesn’t need more kitchen storage? Up-cycle your old glass jars and use them for the extra storage you need! They’re a great way to organise your utensils, plus they look great on the kitchen counter. Alternatively, you can use your jars to store anything from colouring pencils to make-up brushes and more. If you’re feeling extra creative, you can always decorate your jar using paint or ribbon to match the interior of your home!


4. Pantry Container


If you are lucky enough to have a store with refillable options near you, take advantage of it! Our glass jars are perfect for refilling the staples in your pantry. Alternatively, you can use them to organise existing ingredients you already have in your pantry.


5. Chia Seed Pudding


Glass is a natural, eco-friendly option for storing food. We recommend using our jars to make overnight chia seed pudding! They hold just the right amount for a wholesome, delicious breakfast, and our lids fit tight, so your brekky won’t leak if you’re on the go! If you’d like to try our healthy chia seed pudding recipe, visit the recipes tab on our website.

Join us on making a difference this Plastic Free July!



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