We’ve Offset Our Carbon Emissions

We’ve Offset Our Carbon Emissions! 🍃

At Forty Thieves, sustainability has always been one of our core values. With a goal to eliminate single-use plastic, we’re proud to offer glass jars (up to 90% recycled glass), metal lids and FSC© approved paper labels (made from 30% post-consumer waste) to house our delicious nut butter. Our cartons are printed on FSC© approved card and all of our online orders are sent out without bubble wrap or other wasteful materials.

So for our next step towards a more sustainable business, it seemed only natural to learn more about our carbon footprint. Using the Toitū Carbon Assess Tool, we were able to accurately calculate our carbon emissions across all facets of the business. With this valuable data, we are proud to announce that we are now funding multiple restoration projects around New Zealand and completely offsetting our carbon. 🙌

Of course, no business can solve climate change alone, but we believe small change is better than no change. Cheers to change!

1. What exactly are carbon emissions?

Put simply, ‘carbon emission’ is the release of carbon gases including carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Carbon is the biggest contributor to greenhouse gases which traps heat in the atmosphere, contributing to climate change. This change in temperature is thought to bring about the rising of sea levels, alter animal habitats and even cause extreme weather events. Climate change is dangerous to the future of our planet and needs to be tackled by everyone.

2. What produces carbon emissions?

Everyday human activity produces carbon emissions. Things like driving our cars, warming our homes or taking holidays all build our personal ‘carbon footprint’. At Forty Thieves, we believe we’re responsible for the carbon emitted from operating our machinery, delivering our orders and even heating or cooling our office! By using the Toitū Carbon Assess tool, we have been able to accurately calculate our emissions and then contribute to projects that offset our activity.

3. Why assess our carbon with Toitū?

Toitū is an internationally recognised company helping businesses, big and small, to become more sustainable through science-based tools and real evidence.

The Toitū carbon assess tool has helped us gain visibility around the carbon we are emitting within our supply chain and then connect us with unique projects that offset this activity. It’s our mission to adapt and continually improve our business processes , to better our planet and do our bit to combat climate change.

4. How are we offsetting our carbon?

Our latest Toitū Carbon assessment came out at 4.41 kgCO2e/$1k. We’re working to reduce that by funding four Native Forest Restoration projects around New Zealand. These projects involve recovering the native areas that have been degraded, damaged or destroyed. This can include new plantings as well as controlling weeds, pest animals and other threats to forest habitat.

5. What projects are we supporting?

We’re funding three projects driven by The Native Forest Restoration Trust and one from Kaikoura Wilderness Experience. The native forests we protect and restore are:

Pigeon Bush Reserve lies between the Remutaka and Tararua Conservation Parks just west of Featherson. This project protects the vegetation from plant pests.

Rangitoto Station Reserve lies high up on the Rangitoto Range in the King Country, south-east of Otorohanga. This project controls plant pests such as wilding pines, gorse and broom.

Puhi Peaks is home to a number of rare and endangered native species. This reforestation project, protects, preserves and enhances the stations indigenous biodiversity.

Puhoi Far North Reserve is located north of the Maungataniwha Range. This forest needs protecting from animal and plant pests as it is mostly mature forest and shrubland.

6. Join us on our journey!

There are lots of actionable steps individuals can take to save the planet from an ever-changing climate. Here are 5 ways to help you reduce your personal carbon footprint!

  1. Have you heard of the 5 r’s? Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Rot and Recycle: Refuse to use single plastics and opt for reusables. Always find a way to keep an item out of landfill by keeping it in great condition and reusing it. Set up a compost system for your food scraps or find a food scrap drop off centre near your house for rotting fruits and vegetables. Properly recycle plastic, paper, glass and metal!
  2. Bike more and drive less: Cars put out a lot of exhaust which pollutes the air. Challenge yourself to drive less and utilise your own muscle power. Feel good by getting a good workout in all while helping the environment!
  3. Conserve water: Reducing water usage is essential. Do so by shutting off the water when brushing your teeth, take short showers instead of baths, and don’t flush things down the toliet to dispose of them.
  4. Eat seasonal and local foods: Animal products require more water and resources to be produced. Try making the majority of your plate plant-based foods.
  5. Save Power: It can be hard to remember, but keeping your lights on is a huge energy drainer! Turn off lights and any other power source when you aren’t using them.


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  1. Fantastic info and advice. Just bought my first jar of your peanut butter – fab. Thank you!! Esp for supporting reforestation projects.

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