Peanut Butter Raspberry Bliss Balls

The perfect combination of creamy peanut butter and tangy raspberries with our Peanut Butter Raspberry Bliss Balls.


20 minutes


30 minutes


10-12 balls
Recipe by: Nicky Skinner

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3 tablespoons Forty Thieves Peanut Butter
1 tablespoon pure maple syrup
1 cup almond meal
12 frozen raspberries (or any berry on hand!)


  1. Combine almond meal, maple syrup and Peanut Butter until a rollable dough forms. Add more almond meal if too oily or more peanut butter if crumbly.
  2. Make a little 2 x 2cm round ball with the dough then press your thumb in the middle and insert a frozen raspberry (they must be frozen, or you’ll struggle to mould the dough around it without smashing the berry).
  3. Mould the dough around the berry and shape into a ball again. Continue until all the dough is used up and refrigerate to set.
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