Hazelnut Crunch Hot Chocolate

Warm up with our delectable Hazelnut Crunch Hot Chocolate, a delightful blend of rich cocoa and crunchy hazelnuts


5 minutes


5 minutes


1 person
Recipe by: Forty Thieves

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250ml milk of choice
2 tsp cacao powder
1 tsp sugar or maple syrup
1 tbsp Forty Thieves Hazelnut Crunch

Optional Toppings:
Chocolate shavings
Extra Forty Thieves Hazelnut Crunch
Mini marshmallows


  1. Heat the milk until steaming using either a steam wand, Nespresso milk frother or in a pan on the stove.
  2. Place the cocoa and hazelnut butter into a mug and pour one third of the steaming milk in. Stir well until you have a thick paste, then add the remaining milk.
  3. Garnish with extra toppings then serve while hot.
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