Blueberry Chia Jam

Discover how to whip up this delicious and versatile jam packed with the goodness of blueberries and chia seeds.


5 minutes


20 minutes


4 people
Recipe by: Nadia Eves

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2 cups frozen blueberries
4 tsp maple syrup
2 tbsp chia seeds
Forty Thieves Crunchy Almond Butter


  1. Put the frozen blueberries and maple syrup into a small saucepan. Heat on a low-medium heat until blueberries are completely thawed and begin to breakdown.
  2. Once mixture begins to bubble, use a fork to mash the blueberry mixture into a pulp.
  3. Stir in chia seeds and keep on a very low heat, stirring every few minutes for about 5 minutes, until mixture has thickened and chia seeds have absorbed and softened.
  4. Allow to cool and serve with Forty Thieves Crunchy Almond Butter on your favourite toast.

Double the mixture and add more absorption time for a bigger batch!

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