Salted Macadamia with Maple & Vanilla


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235g jar

Award Winning Salted Macadamia with Maple & Vanilla is crafted from a short list of premium, carefully selected ingredients. Take dessert to the next level with all natural flavours of rich caramel and luscious vanilla. This smooth, luxurious Macadamia is made using the finest NZ grown macadamias, pure Canadian maple and real vanilla bean. Enjoy a treat packed with monounsaturated fats known for their heart-healthy benefits. A spoonful also unlocks essential minerals and vitamins, including Vitamin B1, Manganese and Iron. Stir Salted Macadamia through coconut ice cream, pour over weekend pancakes or drizzle over fresh fruit salad.

Ingredients: Macadamias*, Cashews, Pure Maple Syrup, Vanilla Pod, Himalayan Salt (*New Zealand Spray Free)

Nutritional information (per 100g): 

Energy 2713kJ, Protein 11g, Fat 61.7g, Saturated 9g, Carbohydrates 14.3g, Sugars 6.7g, Dietary Fibre 6.6g, Sodium 162.9mg

Award-Winning Salted Macadamia with Maple & Vanilla is crafted from a short list of premium ingredients. Smooth and luxurious, Salted Macadamia is made using the finest NZ grown macadamias, pure Canadian maple and real vanilla bean. These delicious ingredients work together to make a great caramel taste.

Enjoy a treat packed with monounsaturated fats known to benefit your heart, with a spoonful also unlocking essential minerals and vitamins. Stir Salted Macadamia through coconut ice cream, pour over weekend pancakes or drizzle over fresh fruit salad.


Which awards has Salted Macadamia won? 

Forty Thieves Salted Macadamia with Maple and Vanilla recently won a gold medal at the 2018 Outstanding Food Producers Awards.

Salted Macadamia was also the winner of the Farro Fresh people’s choice “Best of 2016” awards. It was a really great achievement due to the high quality of the products chosen.

Is Salted Macadamia healthy?

YES! Forty Thieves Salted Macadamia contains 97% dry-roasted macadamias and cashews. There are no preservatives, additives, emulsifiers, or any refined sugars used. In addition, we sweeten our Salted Macadamia with real Canadian maple syrup. This makes it a great treat to curb cravings. Each ingredient used is 100% natural!

  • Macadamias:
    Macadamias are a buttery nut grown in NZ. They are packed with flavour as well as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. For instance, Magnesium, Dietary Fibre, and Protein are all key players in these delicious nuts.
  • Cashews:
    Rich and sweet, grown in Vietnam. They are a great source of Magnesium, Iron, Potassium, and Copper.
  • Maple Syrup:
    A delicious natural sugar, taken from Canadian Maple tree sap. It is a great source of calcium and magnesium. Don’t confuse this with maple ‘flavoured’ syrup, which is made from heavily processed and refined sugars.
  • Vanilla Pod:
    Natural Vanilla Pod contains antioxidants including Vanillic Acid and pure Vanillin. Don’t confuse this with vanilla ‘flavour’ or ‘imitation’ vanilla, which do not contain any of the actual bean.
  • Himalayan Salt:
    Did you know Himalayan Salt is pink in colour? Furthermore, it contains 84 minerals in total.

What are some creative ways to eat Salted Macadamia?

  • Pour onto homemade pancakes. Finish it off with fresh berries and coconut yoghurt.
  • Use as a delicious spread on sourdough. Add sliced avocado and a sprinkle of Himalayan salt.
  • Drizzle on tropical fruit salad. (Think mangos, papaya or figs)
  • Add a spoonful to warm morning oats. Try with crunchy muesli or overnight bircher. In addition, you can add a sprinkle of toasted coconut.
  • Finally, try making a batch of homemade dark vegan chocolate with a Salted Macadamia filling.

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What’s in the jar?

Ingredients: Macadamias, Cashews, Pure Maple Syrup, Vanilla Pod, Organic* Himalayan Salt 
Our customers can trust Forty Thieves to only use natural, premium ingredients. We never use preservatives, additives, artificial colours or flavours to any of our products because we believe Mother Nature has done a pretty good job already.

Nutritional information (per 100g): 

Energy 2713kJ, Protein 11g, Fat 61.7g, Saturated 9g, Carbohydrates 14.3g, Sugars 6.7g, Dietary Fibre 6.6g, Sodium 162.9mg

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Weight 415 g

20 reviews for Salted Macadamia with Maple & Vanilla

  1. Chelsia

    Heck yeah this is exalcty what I needed.

    • Shyr Gelber

      Thanks Chelsia 🙂 Glad you found your fix!

  2. joanna giles

    Most amazing but butter I’ve ever tasted. Tried it at the hobsonville farmers market, bought one. Ran out, went on a bear hunt to find more. Absolutely can’t live without this! (Delicious on dates and bagels!)

    • Shyr Gelber

      Thank you for the wonderful review Joanna 🙂 We’re so glad you discovered Salted Macadamia and would love to see some pics of those delicious creations on Insta!

  3. Di

    Wow…this is seriously good! This is delicious and something interestingly different than the usual nut butters. Sweet hit with salty finish and unctuous texture. Fantastic to be able to support a friendly local business. Love the packaging design too.

    • Shyr Gelber

      Di! Thanks for the beautiful description…you really nailed it! We’re so glad you’re enjoying it 🙂

  4. CMc

    SERIOUSLY delicious. Couldn’t help eating it straight out of the jar. Can’t wait to get my hands on some more!!

  5. Joe foran

    Tried some that my girlfriend had. Ordered my own ten minutes later. Amazing stuff

    • Brent Godfrey

      Whoohoo! We are stoked you like our Salted Macadamia 🙂 Thanks for your order and support. Ps we sent your order off today from Auckland so it should arrive soon.

  6. Lizi Wood

    OMG!! This stuff is my nut Utopia. I eat it by the spoonful and smother it on everything. I have Crohns Disease and normally shouldn’t & can’t eat nuts but I make an exception and wear the consequences because this stuff is THAT good.
    Please don’t ever stop making this Forty Thieves, I don’t think I could live without this in my life. Oh and any chance of you guys making a bigger jar size of it?

    • Shyr Gelber

      Hey Lizi! Thank you so much for this lovely comment. We’re so glad that you enjoy it so much but hope that you having nuts isn’t causing you any problems! We have been asked about larger jars of Salted Macadamia…hopefully something we can introduce in the future. Thanks for your ongoing support 🙂

  7. Grace Ludbrook

    Oh my lordy!! This stuff has been a great addition to my protein pancakes & oats in the morning!! Wish the jars were bigger its flippin amaze balls! Just made my second order of this and im excited to try the cacao hazelnut one too!

    • Shyr Gelber

      Thank you for the support Grace! Hope you love the Cacao Hazelnut too 😀

  8. Nicola Williams

    Wow this is most amazing nut butter I have ever eaten!!! this is just heaven:)

    • Shyr Gelber

      Thank you Nicola! We so appreciate the great review!

  9. Ann

    Love it. Bought at Orewa market. Must get more. Must have.

    • Brent Godfrey

      Hi Ann, thanks for the lovely feedback – I am so glad you are happy with the Salted Macadamia 🙂 Look forward to seeing you again at the Orewa Markets soon!

  10. Raffaella

    I love it…I want more, that is why I am at the website, to order another jar!

    • Brent Godfrey

      Yay, Raffaella! It’s so great to have you as a fan 🙂 Thanks for great feedback.

  11. Molly

    I am never buying this again. It barely lasted two days after being consumed like there was no tommorrow. Absolutely divine. Maybe one more jar wont hurt……

    • Brent Godfrey

      You had us worried at your first sentence! Shock, horror – Haha. Thanks for the great feedback 🙂 We definitely encourage you to slow down on your consumption of Salted Macadamia – two days could be a new record! 😉

  12. Laura Hoefer

    This is one of my favourite products ever I think. I go through about one per week, it’s the perfect breakfast smoothie addition and it’s just so eat-from-the-jar good I can’t help myself sometimes. My only complaint is that it doesn’t come in a bigger size!!!

    • Brent Godfrey

      Thanks, Laura! You are little legend and your feedback means so much to us – thanks also for requesting a bigger jar, we might to launch one if we receive a few more requests 🙂

  13. Sharon

    Please come out with a bigger jar! I am going through it way too quickly. Using it in my coconut porridge and also super yummy to dip strawberries in

    • Shyr Gelber

      Thanks Sharon! We might just have to bring out a bigger jar one day! Your coconut porridge sounds delicious and what a great idea for strawberries 🙂

  14. Laurene

    This is the most delicious nut butter I have ever had. It does not last very long in our house – in fact I hide it sometimes so I can be sure it will still be there for me.

  15. Sarah

    This is the liquid gold of all nut butters! I have zero self control and a spoon is all I need to finish the jar. End up having to hide the jar from my family and myself.

  16. Ruve

    Lovely nut butter! Love how versatile it is… can be used in anything 🙂

  17. Bayley Irvine

    favourite thing ever!!

  18. Anais

    Same comment as Laura – wished it was coming in a bigger jar (a much bigger jar!!)
    Perfect for smoothies with a banana and some fresh milk 🙂
    My usual breakfast on Sat’ morning after a Barre class…

  19. Amanda

    This is possibly the most delicious nut butter I have ever had! I actually bring it to work so I don’t have to share it with the kids, it’s that good. Please could It come in a bigger size, the jar just doesn’t last long enough, especially when you eat it by the spoonful.

  20. Amy Vincent

    The most amazing nut butter I’ve ever eaten. Always have a jar of this in the cupboard. Tastes soooo amazing drizzled over vanilla icecream!

    • Brent Godfrey

      Thanks for the great feedback 🙂 SM definitely makes a delicious ice-cream topper – yum!

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