our new zealand factory

Discover how we craft delicious, natural nut butters on Auckland’s sunny Hibiscus Coast.

our process

Freshly roasted, award-winning nut butters produced 50 weeks a year.

Batch Roasting

Supervised by our Master Roaster, our nuts are batch-roasted one tonne at a time in our stainless ‘steal’ roasting equipment.

Precision Milling

From our signature Not-Too-Smooth to award-winning extra Crunchy, we use precision milling to get the grind just right!

Blending & Mixing 

From green herbs & black pepper to natural caramel, we cleverly mix tasty treasures in, that your tastebuds will love.

Filling, Labelling & Capping

Bottled up into glass, our finished jars are then wrapped in FSC paper labels on our shiny Italian-made labelling line.

Spying out great quality ingredients

Thousands of metric tonnes of label waste ends up in landfill every year.

Made from paper and silicone, our label backing (the paper that our labels come on) is processed and split overseas, and then recycled into tissue paper.

This initiative is both traceable and measurable giving us peace of mind that Forty Thieves label backing isn’t getting lost in transit.

we seek out hidden gems from around the world to produce our wholefood nut butters

New Zealand Macadamias

Australian almonds

Argentinian peanuts

turkish hazelnuts

fair-trade & organic cocoa


Quality control is key to every step of our manufacturing process.

Our factory operates 5 days per week under National Food Safety Programme 2.

If you need help producing a consistent and quality product, we’d love to chat about what our hardworking team can do.

sustainability at our core

Our processes are weaved around creating a more sustainable future.

Assessing and offsetting our carbon footprint


Using the Toitu Carbon Assess Tool, we assess the carbon we are emitting within our supply chain.

Sustainable packaging over plastics


We choose recycled glass jars, FSC approved paper labels, and cardboard over plastic alternatives.

Combatting food waste by donating top-quality seconds


When switching between flavours, we reduce waste by bottling up the excess and donating to food banks.

smuggling goodness into every jar

protein packed
plastic-free packaging
additive free
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