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Where to buy:


Where can I purchase Forty Thieves Nut Butters? 

As well as being available on our online store; our products are also available at all leading retailers and a range of independent stores in New Zealand. This includes;

  • New World
  • Countdown
  • Farro Fresh
  • Moore Wilson’s
  • Huckleberry
  • Bidfood
  • Service Foods
  • A range of independently owned stores


Does Forty Thieves have an online store? 

Yes, all Forty Thieves products are available on our website and can be delivered directly to your door. Shop online at www.fortythieves.co.nz/shop.


Does Forty Thieves offer free shipping?

Yes, we offer free shipping on online orders throughout New Zealand when you spend $50 or more. This does not include rural shipping however we subsidise rural shipping with a flat rate of just $6.50.


Does Forty Thieves ship internationally? 

Our products can be bought on our website and shipped to most countries around the world. Unfortunately, shipping outside of New Zealand is quite expensive but we are working on improving this in the future.


Does Forty Thieves have international stockists? 

Our nut butters are available in New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Fiji.



Where does Forty Thieves source ingredients from? 

We use only the best ingredients from around the world to produce our natural nut butters:

  • Our spray-free Macadamia nuts are sourced from New Zealand
  • Almonds are sourced from California and Australia
  • Peanuts from Argentina
  • Hazelnuts from Turkey
  • Cocoa from Ecuador


Does Forty Thieves use any nuts that are grown in New Zealand? 

Our gold-medal-winning nut butter; Salted Macadamia is made using Macadamia nuts that are grown right here in New Zealand!


Which Forty Thieves Nut Butters contain 100% nuts?

Forty Thieves offers a number of wholesome nut butters that contain 100% whole nuts. This includes:

  • 100% Peanut Butter Smooth 500g
  • 100% Almond Butter Smooth 500g
  • 100% Almond Butter Crunchy 500g
  • Organic Hulled Tahini 500g
  • 100% Almond Butter Smooth 235g
  • 100% Almond Butter Crunchy 235g
  • Our Peanut Butter Crunchy is 99.5% Peanuts and .5% salt.


What kind of chocolate does Hazelnut Crunch and SuperFood Butter; Chocolate, Nuts & Seeds contain?

Our chocolate nut butters are made with stoneground, organic, fair-trade Ecuadorian cocoa, that’s produced in New Zealand. The delicious flavour of using quality chocolate is what makes our Hazelnut Crunch and SuperFood butters so good….and award-winning! They have received a silver medal and bronze medal respectively.


How smooth is “Smooth”? 

Our “smooth” nut butters like Peanut Butter Not-Too-Smooth or Almond Butter Not-Too-Smooth are what we call a ‘textured’ smooth. We have perfected a bespoke grind that’s not super sticky.


How crunchy is “Crunchy”? 

Our crunchy nut butters are extremely crunchy! We’ve been told by our top fans that our Peanut Butter Crunchy is the crunchiest they have tried. We’ve made sure that our crunchy nut butters are packed with crunchy pieces while still being smooth enough to spread on toast.

Storage and Handling:


How should I store my nut butter? 

We recommend storing your nut butter in a cool, dry place (such as your pantry.) and to stir regularly. You can always store your Peanut Butter upside down if like!


What is the shelf-life of Forty Thieves Nut Butters? 

The recommended shelf-life for each nut butter is 12 months from date of production. Because we don’t use preservatives or emulsifiers, if our nut butters is left untouched (or forgotten in pantry!) for many months the oils will naturally rise to the top. Make sure to always use a clean utensil for your nut butter (no double-dipping!) to avoid spreading germs.


Sometimes there’s oil at the top of my jar of nut butter.  Why is that? 

Forty Thieves crafts 100% natural nut butter without the use of preservatives or emulsifiers. Emulsifiers and other artificial ingredients are often added to cheaper brands of nut butter to keep the oils intact and help the product appear ‘perfect’. At Forty Thieves, we prefer to offer a healthier, simpler product that’s perfectly imperfect. If oils have risen to the top of the jar, simply get a knife and stir them all back through for 30 seconds. You can always store your Peanut Butter upside down in your pantry too!


Sometimes there’s white stuff (that resembles mould!) at the top of my chocolate nut butter. What is it? 

The cacao butter (which is white in colour) often separates from the chocolate and rises to the top of the jar forming some pretty funky shapes! This naturally occurring phenomenon is called ‘fat bloom’ and happens when it’s cold. If cacao butter has risen to the top of your jar, simply get a knife and stir them all back through for 30 seconds. If your home is cold, you may need to place your jar in a bowl of hot water to melt before stirring.



Are Forty Thieves Nut Butters vegan?

Yes, all of our nut butter products are 100% plant-based / vegan.


Are Forty Thieves Nut Butters dairy-free? 

Yes, all of our nut butter products are plant-based therefore dairy-free.


Are Forty Thieves Nut Butters gluten-free? 

Although not certifiably ‘gluten-free’; all ingredients used are gluten-free, and no additional gluten is present in our production facilities or process.


Are Forty Thieves Nut Butters palm-oil free? 

Yes, all our products are palm-oil free including our Chocolate Hazelnut and Chocolate SuperFood Butter. We only use ingredients that are sustainably sourced which is why we choose to keep our products free from palm oil.



Why does Forty Thieves use glass jars and metal lids? 

As an environmentally conscious company, we choose to use sustainable packaging over plastic alternatives. This includes glass jars (made from 90% recycled glass!) and metal lids.


What are Forty Thieves labels made from?

We only use FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) approved paper labels that are 100% recyclable. They are a natural, textured stock that is made from 30% post-consumer waste.


How about the packaging for online orders? Is it also plastic-free and recyclable?

Yes, all our online orders are packaged in FSC® approved cartons using strong brown kraft paper that’s fully recyclable. The decision to use paper/cardboard instead of bubble wrap and other plastics during our packing and delivery process has ensured that our environmental footprint is kept to a minimum.


Can I reuse Forty Thieves glass jars?

Yes, there are loads of different things ways to reuse your glass jars. From storing spices and muesli to vegetable pickling, from planting small succulents and even putting together bliss ball mixes to gift to a friend.

Our Company:


Are Forty Thieves Nut Butters made in New Zealand?  

All our nut butters are proudly made by our team of “Production Unicorns’ (using magic powers to create the most delicious nut butters!) in our boutique factory on the sunny Hibiscus Coast, New Zealand.


Who started Forty Thieves? 

Forty Thieves was founded by husband and wife team; Brent and Shyr Godfrey. With complementary skills in business and design and a shared passion for adventure and healthy food, the couple started producing their first nut butters in 2016.


Are Forty Thieves Nut Butters healthy? 

Yes, when enjoyed as part of a balanced diet, nuts and seeds offer a range of nutritional benefits. These include heart healthy fats, protein, fibre, minerals and vitamins. Our nut butters are made with no or little sugar, no added oils, no preservatives, emulsifiers or additives and a minimum of 75% whole nuts. We also offer a number of of nut butters that are 100% pure nuts.


What are “hidden gems” and what are they doing in my nut butters?

You’ll often hear us say that our nut butters are “Naturally Packed with Hidden Gems” – Mother Nature’s gems that is! We like to think of the abundance of minerals, vitamins and other healthy properties present in natural superfoods likes nuts and seeds, as ‘Hidden Gems’. These include protein, heart-healthy fats, fibre, Selenium, heart-healthy fats, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Calcium, Phosphorus, as well as Vitamin B and E to name a few.


How do customers leave Forty Thieves reviews and are there any incentives to do so? 

Customers can leave a review by visiting the product web page they want to review, scrolling down and then clicking the ‘reviews’ tab. After a customer has purchased a product on our website they are contacted via email to share their feedback by either leaving a review or writing to our customer service team directly. To encourage customers to leave a review, they are rewarded with a $5 coupon to spend on our online store. All customer reviews (positive or negative) are published in full with no edits made.

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