Our Story

Through healthy, accessible and sustainably-made food, we’re on a mission to fuel everyday adventures, big or small.

Any day can turn into an adventure when you're powered by nutritious, delicious Forty Thieves nut butters.

Smuggling goodness
into every jar

We are true believers that quality, natural food can fuel life’s everyday adventures, whether big or small.


From hiking up mountains to picnics on the beach, our family-owned business is committed to crafting the most delicious nut butters that will power every kind of adventure.



crafting deliciously addictive and award-winning nut butters right here on the sunny hibiscus coast, nz since 2016

twist the lid and open sesame!

“Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves” was the inspiration for naming our nut butters. It’s a tale of an enchanted cave filled with hidden treasure. The cave can only be unlocked with the famous passcode; ‘Open Sesame!’


In our story, the treasures are the nutrients hidden inside nuts and seeds. And when we turn them into nut butters, they’re not just healthy but delicious and versatile too.

we're committed to producing sustainably

Naturally packed for you and our planet.

from hidden treasure to national jewels

Founded in 2016, Forty Thieves has grown from making one box of nut butters in a day (in a blender!) to producing approx. 10,000 jars every week, in our fully operating Hibiscus Coast-based factory.

You don’t need to go digging for our award-winning nut butters, you can find them at local supermarkets across Aotearoa New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia and Fiji.

smuggling goodness into every jar

protein packed
plastic-free packaging
additive free
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