Why We’ve Ditched Plastic Bubble Wrap

At Forty Thieves, we strive to offer packaging that has the least impact on our environment. We choose recycled glass jars, metal lids, FSC® approved paper labels and cardboard cartons.

When stores and supermarkets place an order for our nut butters, we send out custom-designed cartons that carefully hold 8 large jars or 10 small jars without the need for bubble-wrap or dividers. Unfortunately, until July 1st, this wasn’t the case for our online orders as customers can pick and mix whichever size or number of jars they like. This meant that each jar had to be individually packaged in bubble wrap to avoid breakages. With our growing awareness of how detrimental single-use plastic is for the environment, we were desperate to find an alternative.


Firstly, what is single-use plastic? 

Single-use plastic is used just once before being thrown away. This includes items like plastic bags, straws, water bottles, cutlery and packaging. According to National Geographic 40% of plastic produced is used once and then discarded.


Why is single-use plastic so bad? 

Plastic can not biodegrade but instead breaks down into smaller ‘micro-plastics’ which ultimately end up in the environment, landfill and our oceans. This plastic contaminates our soil and water and contains toxic chemicals that have life-threatening effects when ingested by wildlife. According to the Ocean Conservancy, plastic has been found in nearly 60% of sea birds, 100% of sea turtle species and over 25% of fish sampled at seafood markets around the world.


What makes Forty Thieves packaging a more sustainable option for the environment? 

 • We use glass jars that have been made from 70-90% recycled glass. Unlike plastic, glass can be recycled an infinite number of times. Glass jars can be reused at home.

• Metal lids that can be recycled or reused at home.

• FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) approved paper labels. FSC is a global certification system that guarantees the paper comes from a responsibly managed source that does not harm forests.

• Cardboard cartons made from in NZ from recycled pulp.


Our new paper packaging wrap (instead of bubble wrap)  

From July 1st, we can proudly say that all our online orders are now also plastic-wrap free. Each jar is carefully wrapped in environmentally friendly paper instead. Hurrah!


What are some simple ways to reduce plastic waste at home?

According to Independent, the world is producing nearly 300 million tons of plastic each year. We’ve come up with 5 simple ways to reduce the amount of plastic you consume:

  1. Bring your own shopping bags to supermarkets

  2. Use a refillable water bottle

  3. Stop using clingwrap

  4. Say no to straws, plastic cutlery and plastic cups at restaurants and takeaway shops

  5. Choose food products that come in glass or paper packaging or buy in bulk (like our 500g jars) to reduce packaging waste.

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