What’s a SuperFood and Do We Really Need Them?

Made with roasted nuts, crunchy seeds, aromatic herbs and a kick of black pepper, SuperFood Butter is looking to be our healthiest nut butter yet!

It was designed to showcase what we like to call ‘The original Superfoods’. That’s because a combination of nuts and seeds offer minerals and vitamins that support eye health, bone health, immune system and brain health.

But we didn’t want you to just take our word for it. We reached out to Becky Thomason from Soley Nutrition; Auckland-based Nutritionist to answer our questions on Superfoods and what makes our latest creation so special! 


Q: What makes an ingredient a Superfood?


A: For years the term ‘Superfood’ has had no specific meaning; although it is said that when consuming a Superfood you are getting a super-concentrated dose of a nutrient(s) that will optimize your body’s ability to function. In other words, Superfoods do more than just help you meet your daily vitamin and mineral needs; they can also improve your overall health. When combining these foods with regular exercise and a balanced diet you can improve many different aspects of your health, maybe even shed a bit of unwanted weight.

In recent years, our soils have become depleted of essential nutrients that it is hard to get your daily requirements in, even when trying your hardest to eat a fresh wholefoods-based diet. Adding Superfoods into each day could really give your body the boost it needs.


Q: We’ve always thought of Nuts and Seeds as “The Original Superfoods’ What do you think?


A: Nuts and seeds have been used as far back as 10,000 years, so they could certainly be considered the ‘original’ Superfoods! Recognised for their nutrient density and fibre content, durability and fast growth, nuts and seeds have been included in healthy diets for centuries.

Today, nuts and seeds remain a staple and adaptable part of our diets. These qualities make them one of the most popular Superfoods. They are a fulfilling snack on their own (or as nut butter!) known to benefit weight loss, blood sugar control, and lowering cholesterol due to the high fat and protein content. In recent years, nuts and seeds have become a popular alternative to processed flours within baking and cooking. This has given us a whole new avenue of providing healthy, nutrient-rich ways to fuel our bodies.


Q: What health benefits can nut butter lovers expect from our SuperFood Butter?


A: SuperFood Butter brings together the benefits of seven of the most beneficial nuts and seeds so you can optimise your health in one serve. Here are some benefits you can expect:

      1.  Nuts and seeds are a naturally abundant source of healthy fats and protein which can help to increase satiety having a positive effect on appetite, cravings, and energy levels.
      2. These healthy fats (such as omega-3) have an effective impact on reducing inflammation in the body and preserving brain health. They are great for fighting and preventing diseases, and retaining optimal brain function as we age.
      3. Nuts and seeds are incredibly high in fibre content. Fibre can improve bowel regularity and clear out your intestinal tract which to remove potentially harmful substances. A slow digestive system may leave you feeling sluggish and low in energy, another reason to include fibre in your diet.
      4. Nuts and seeds can promote weight-loss, resulting in lowered insulin sensitivity, lowered cholesterol, and a reduced risk of diabetes and heart disease, particularly when consumed instead of carbohydrates and processed foods.



Q: And what about minerals and vitamins?


A: Some of the most important benefits worth mentioning are the mineral and antioxidant content in nuts and seeds. Selenium, Zinc, Magnesium, Manganese, Copper, Iron, and Vitamin E all play an important role in antioxidant presence and function in the body. Antioxidants protect us from free-radical damage which occurs from day-to-day natural metabolic processes but also from exposure to environmental toxins.

It’s important to include these nutrients in our diet on a daily basis to protect us from dangerous diseases and prevent inflammation.


Q: Which other Superfoods do you recommend in a healthy diet?


        1. Blueberries
        2. Avocado
        3. Broccoli
        4. Salmon
        5. Goji berries
        6. Kale
        7. Spirulina
        8. Acai berries
        9. Green Tea
        10. Turmeric



Becky is a Registered Nutritionist and founder of Solely Nutrition. She believes in helping people develop a healthy relationship with food so that they successfully achieve their goals and maintain this for the rest of their lives! Becky has created an online platform with inspiring and motivating content to help her customers become the best versions of themselves. She also offers one-on-one programming with appointments online or at her home office. Enjoy 20% off Becky’s 6-week program by heading to www.solelynutrition.com for more info. 




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