The SuperFood Duo Takes Home Silver!

SuperFood Duo Takes Home Silver! 🥈

This year, we entered our two SuperFood Butters into the Outstanding NZ Food Producers Awards and came out with a Silver Award for each! Crafting nut butters that are not just delicious but also super healthy, has always been the goal at Forty Thieves. These medals are a true testament to that! After over 50 iterations and plenty of sampling, we’re stoked to hear that the judges love it just as much as we do.


SILVER // SuperFood Butter; Hemp, Nuts & Seeds

Launched in 2020 and now winning its SECOND award, our original SuperFood Butter is made with healthy hemp. nuts and seeds. This unique combination offers a range of minerals and vitamins including B3 to support brain health.

Judges’ comments:

The judging panel described it as the perfect “adult peanut butter” which would pair nicely with tomatoes on toast for a wholesome snack. If tomatoes aren’t quite your thing, they suggest eating it straight from the jar as that’s just as good too!


SILVER // SuperFood Butter; Chocolate, Nuts & Seeds

Launching just a few weeks ago, we’re so proud that our newest nut butter has already received its first award! A sweet twist on our original SuperFood Butter, this time we’ve combined six nuts and seeds with organic dark chocolate. It offers vitamins and minerals like Copper to support the immune system.

Judges’ comments:

The judges commented on its ‘distinct coconut aroma’ and how it has “a good balance of fresh, earthy richness” and “glossy, chocolatey appearance.”


To view,all 2021 Outstanding Food Producer Medalists, visit:

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