Spot Forty Thieves for your chance to win!

Supermarkets shopping. There’s lots of thinking that goes into where each product is positioned. Ever wondered why fruit and veggies are at the front, while the naughty treats are waiting for you at the checkout? Have you ever caught yourself grab something at eye level, without bothering to look up or down for a better option?

It’s often the giant, well-entrenched brands, that have secured the more visible, accessible spots at eye-level while us ‘new kids on the block’ are hiding at the top or bottom. But eye-level doesn’t mean more affordable, healthier or more delicious…the perfect example, of course, is Forty Thieves Nut Butters!

Where is Forty Thieves at New World?

If you’ve missed us at your local New World, head to the nut butter section and look all the way up! You might need to stand on your tippy-toes to grab a jar of your fav nut butter off the top shelf!

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Where is Forty Thieves at Countdown?

Can’t see us at your local Countdown? Crouch right down (almost on your knees!) to grab a jar of our delicious nut butter from the bottom shelf.

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Be in to win 1 of 20 SuperFood Prize Packs


That’s why we need your help! Show your fellow New Zealanders where our hidden gems are hiding and be in to win 1 of 20 prize packs.

To enter, tell us where you normally shop and send through a selfie of you holding a jar of your Forty Thieves nut butter at this supermarket while pointing to its position on the shelf!

We will share your photo on social media and our website PLUS 20 lucky participants will be randomly selected to take home a SuperFood Prize Pack.

How to enter

  1. Take a selfie on your next supermarket visit holding a Forty Thieves jar showing off its position on shelf.
  2. Email through your photo to: [email protected]
  3. Include which store you took the photo in.
  4. Enter now!

Winners will be contacted via email on Friday 9th October


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