15c From Every SuperFood Sold, Protecting NZ Native Birds

This year Forty Thieves is taking part in Bird of the Year 2020, run by Forest & Bird to raise awareness for our struggling native New Zealand birdlife. Unfortunately, many of New Zealand’s native birds are in trouble and need help. About 75% of land birds and 90% of seabirds are threatened or at risk of extinction. Their habitats are being destroyed or degraded by introduced predators, pollution, human development, and climate change.

This annual competition gives New Zealanders the opportunity to learn about NZ native birds and the threats they are facing. We’ve chosen to campaign for one of the world’s rarest shorebirds, the Shore Plover (Tuturuatu).

To turns things up a notch Forty Thieves will also be donating 15c from every jar of SuperFood Butter, sold in November, directly to Forest & Bird, to support them in their efforts to protect our wildlife.


Photography by Glenda Rees

Why the Shore Plover?


We have chosen to campaign for one of the world’s rarest shorebirds, the Shore Plover (Tuturuatu). Known as the ‘Drama Queens’ of the island, it’s a natural choice for Forty Thieves, who love a bit of colour & flare! 

The Shore Plover is endemic to New Zealand. Once found all around Aotearoa, our sweet little masked mate now has a population of only 200. As a beach-loving nation, the Shore Plover deserves your vote so Forest and Bird can continue to eliminate pests and help their numbers grow on our shores once more.

15c From Every Jar Donated to Protect our Native Birds

For the whole of November, Forty Thieves is donating 15c from every jar of SuperFood Butter, to help protect our Native Birds. We have chosen to work with Forest & Bird as they have many projects in place to protect bird habitats from being destroyed by predators, pollution, human development and climate change.

Our SuperFood Butter is packed with crunchy nuts and seeds, – deliciously healthy for humans and birds alike. Designed to showcase what we like to call ‘The original superfoods’ it offers a range of minerals and vitamins that support eye health, bone health, immune system and brain health.


Photography by Glenda Rees

How can YOU help our native birds?


We have hundreds of native birds that are currently facing extinction. They are an integral part of our ecosystem and it’s so important to do our part to help the survival of these birds. 

Here are a couple of ways you can do your bit to keep our native birds safe;

  • Do a rubbish walk. When visiting your local beach, bring a bucket and pick up any bits of plastic or waste you come across. This will prevent any wildlife from consuming it. 
  • Leave nesting birds alone. We are lucky in New Zealand to have a diverse range of wildlife, however, if you come across a bird nesting, watch from afar and leave it be. 
  • Volunteer your time. Forest & Bird are always looking for volunteers to help them on their projects. If you can’t volunteer, then donate to a conservation organisation you believe in.
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