NZ Herald: The best fancy nut butters!

Mitch and Sinead from NZ Heralds Lifestyle’s Trial and Error series sampled three ‘fancy’ nut butters, one of which was the Forty Thieves Salted Macadamia


“There used to be two types of people in this world: crunchy or smooth.

Oh, how times have changed.

You may have noticed the peanut butter section in your local supermarket has, well, spread considerably in recent times. And that the humble peanut has found itself swirled with sweet stuff and sandwiched between the likes of more elitist nuts, the macadamias, and hazelnuts of the world.

During the taste test of the Forty Thieves Salted Macadamia, Mitch nodded in approval, he said it wasn’t something he’d ordinarily pick on a supermarket shelf.

A combination of macadamia and cashew nuts, this nut butter had the most liquid texture.

Again, our taste testers agreed the butter was more suitable for dolloping on ice cream than making a morning meal out of. Indeed the Forty Thieves website recommends stirring this particular one through coconut ice cream, pouring over weekend pancakes, or drizzling over fresh fruit salad. With their range of nut butters they suggest ‘a spoonful or two for a little extra energy before a workout, or to keep you going in the afternoons.'”


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