How to Craft The Perfect Festive Platter

Organising pre-meal nibbles on Christmas Day (or any other festive gathering) but unsure what to bring? You can’t go wrong with a colourful grazing platter! It’s easy to put together and guaranteed to produce the WOW factor with all your hungry relatives. From choosing the right ingredients to nailing the presentation, we’ve pulled together 5 tips to help you craft the perfect platter this festive season.


1. Cheese Please! 

Usually considered a focal point, a staple element of any good grazing platter is cheese. We love to include a couple of different varieties on our boards. A lovely soft cheese like brie or goats’ cheese can be served as is. Something a bit firmer like cheddar or parmesan should be cubed or sliced. To make this board plant-based friendly try including a nut cheese. There are so many delicious ones to try, our favourite brand is Savour!

When preparing your board, keep in mind that cheese should be served at room temperature, so remove your cheeses from the fridge around an hour before serving.

2. Bowls for dips & little bits

When creating your platter, it’s important to keep practicality in mind. With everyone digging in, things can get messy. To combat this, we recommend scooping your delicious spreads, chutneys and nut butters into small ramekins and bowls. This helps to decrease waste and gives your platter a clean and homemade feel.

Looking for the star to steal the (platter) show? Try Forty Thieves SuperFood Butter! Splendidly savoury with a touch of green herbs and black pepper, this delicious nut butter pairs beautifully with fresh sourdough and topped with your sharpest blue cheese.

You can also try making your own hummus. Simply blend chickpeas, lemon juice, garlic, Forty Thieves Organic Tahini and a touch of salt and pepper.

3. Keep it colourful

All our favourite summer fruit is back in season! From stone fruit to berries, a platter is never complete without a touch of something colourful and fresh to add to your bite. Include sliced rockmelon, pear and apple for those who want to skip the cracker. We love including grapes, strawberries and blueberries – no slicing and dicing required.

4. Crackers, Biscuits & Bread

The base of a good platter is including a range of different crackers and bread to load your dips, cheese and fruits onto. You don’t want anything too big, choose a cracker that allows up to two bites. We recommend including at least three different types of crackers and bread.

Remember you can top up your cracker stacks as they are eaten, you don’t need to include a full pack on your board.

5. Fill it up

Finally, to keep your board looking full and festive, fill up any gaps with yummy dried fruits, roasted macadamias, pretzels or chocolate bits. These help to create different options of toppings for a cracker or just work as a nibble. We also like to include some greenery as a garnish. If you still have any spare spaces, try adding in small cheese knives or spoons for your dip. Add a drizzle of olive oil on top of your hummus and some crunchy seeds to top the fruit.

Whether it’s a small group or your whole family, give our tips a go for your next festive platter – it’s the perfect way to bring people together!

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