Good Magazine: Nutty about Forty Thieves

Forty Thieves founders Shyr Gelber and Brent Godfrey’s award-winning nut butter journey.

“Following a decade of fast-paced living in Sydney, partners; Shyr and Brent embarked on an inspiring overseas adventure before returning to New Zealand. During their travels, they decided to open a healthy food business, fueled by their common passion for fitness and healthy eating.

Brent imported a mill and started experimenting with different nut combinations while Shyr busied herself with designed their vibrant branding, labels and website.

Within a few months, the couple launched their creations at The Auckland Food Show where a number of stores including Farro Fresh expressed their interest and starting stocking the nut butters.

The past 12 months has shown a lot of growth for Forty Thieves with more than 120 stores now offering their delicious nut butters nationwide.

Brent and Shyr grew their production team in their Stanmore factory to seven superstars with additional sales and support staff too.

The team launched a couple of new products including Almond Butter Crunchy and their recently awarded Bronze Medalist; Hazelnut Crunch with Organic Cocoa.

With a focus on customer engagement, The Forty Thieves team attended multiple food shows and health expos around NZ, where they were able to meet fellow nut butter enthusiasts and discover what they love about the growing brand.”



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