Forty Thieves wins Gold! (And Silver and Bronze)


1 X Gold, 2 X Silver and 1 X Bronze šŸ„‡šŸ„ˆšŸ„ˆšŸ„‰

Forty ThievesĀ entered four products into the Outstanding NZ Food Producers Awards this year and came out with an award for each one.


GOLD // Chai Spiced Almond with Fruit Pieces

This nut butter was inspired by our time travelling in India, where we adopted the custom of drinkingĀ steaming hot ‘Chai Masala’ or Spiced TeaĀ with breakfast.

We captured this wonderful experience by crafting a wholesome spread from 75% dark-roasted almonds, sulphite-free fruit and a mix of fragrant spices.

Judges’ comments:

Warming, pleasant and enticing aroma. Can smell cloves and coriander. Textures are complementary to one another – like the contrast between currants and sultanas. Fruity sweetness without being a sweet spread. Good texture of almonds.


SILVER // Scorched Almond with Organic Cocoa

Scorched Almond with Organic Cocoa is a healthy yet decadent spin on a classic Kiwi confectionery.
It’s made from 85% dark-roasted almonds and stone-ground, organic chocolate.

Judges’ comments:

Good gloss and easy to spread. Pleasant aftertaste. Distinct almond aroma and flavour.
Coconut/almond/chocolate flavours complimented each other nicely. Rich strong flavours – can tell they are good quality.


SILVER // Peanut Butter Crunchy

Just golden-roasted peanuts and a touch of salt! We’ve nailed the perfect texture so that every spoonful has an even and consistent amount of crunchy pieces in it.

Not overly sticky, not too crunchy and certainly not dry.

Judges’ comments:

Like the texture and varied size chunks of peanuts. True to aroma and flavour. Great glossy appearance.


BRONZE // Almond Butter Crunchy

Our 100% Almond Butter Crunchy is dark roasted, giving it a lovely aroma and rich colour. It’s packed full of crunchy pieces yet still super creamy and spreadable.

Judges’ comments:

True to ingredient list. Nice texture of almonds – a good mix of smooth and crunchy.Ā 


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