Almond You Glad We’ve Got Bees? 5 Ways To Care For Our Precious Pollinators

It’s Bee Aware Month!

Did you know that bees play a crucial role in producing Forty Thieves Almond Butter? Known as pollinators, bees are responsible for helping many flowering plants reproduce, including almond trees. Bees are attracted to the sweet scent, and colour of the almond flower, collecting pollen and nectar to grow their colonies. As they move about, they spread pollen from the male to the female parts of a flower ensuring the plant can produce delicious almonds! 

September marks Bee Aware Month and is a great opportunity to learn more about caring for the bees in our own gardens. 

Top Quality Almonds From Sunny California

Forty Thieves Almond Butter is made from the best quality almonds, grown in sunny California. Without bees, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy our nutty goodness, making the Forty Thieves team extra passionate about bee health. We’ve chosen to work with almond growers that want to protect and nourish honey bees. Many of the growers have developed long-term relationships with local beekeepers and have adopted the Honeybee Best Management Practices developed by the Almond Board of California. They are encouraged to be involved in positive programs including Seeds for Bees, Water for Bees and are working towards Bee Friendly Farming Certification too. 

Caring For Our Precious Pollinators

But it’s not only growers and food producers that can make a difference to the wellbeing of our hardworking, furry friends. We can all play a part in promoting good bee health in our own gardens! We’ve pulled together 5 simple ways that you can create a bee-friendly environment at home.

1. Plant a Bee Garden

Bees thrive when they have a range of flowering plants to visit throughout the seasons. By planting a selection of bright and colourful flowers and vegetables in your garden, you can enjoy a beautiful landscape as well as create a safe habitat for bees.

Some great flower options include:

  • Marigold
  • Sunflowers
  • Poppies
  • Clover
  • Honeysuckle
  • Clematis

Consider including the following vegetables in your veggie garden:

  • Cucumbers
  • Pumpkin
  • Courgette
  • Borage
  • Coriander
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme

2. Go Chemical Free

Synthetic pesticides and fertilizers are harmful to bees and their immune systems. Avoid treating your garden with synthetics and go organic instead. Natural solutions include homemade compost, bone meal, plant oil sprays and natural repellents like garlic or onion.

There are many gardening methods to try and eliminate unwanted pests. Start by getting your hands dirty and remove those pesky weeds –  doing this will discourage slugs and aphids! You could also experiment with rotating your veggie patch each year to ensure there is enough nitrogen in the soil. We recommend reading up on growing “companion” plants together in the same area to help control pests naturally. 

3. Keep Your Bees Hydrated

Bees work up quite a sweat collecting pollen and nectar. To keep them hydrated while at work, you can fill a shallow birdbath or bowl with clean water, and arrange a few stones or pebbles at the bottom. The stones will break the water’s surface, making it easier for the bees to land on and take a sip!

4. Support Local

Local beekeepers work hard to nurture their bees and provide honey and beeswax products for their local communities. Show your appreciation with your dollar – by supporting local! Many beekeepers use products from their hives to create soaps and candles. Enjoying local honey can also help keep pollen allergies at bay. Eating local honey and ingesting local pollen can help reduce sensitivity to pollen in the environment. 

5. Share Your Knowledge

Now that you know some simple ways to keep our bees safe, alive and pollinating, it’s your turn to share! Next time you open up a jar of Forty Thieves Almond Butter, spark up a conversation with friends and family about how to help our precious pollinators continue their hard work!

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