5 Original Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day This Year

If the idea of red roses, chocolate and teddy bears makes you feel a little queasy, you’ve probably planned to boycott Valentine’s Day altogether. Before you dismiss the ‘Day of Love’ completely, take a look at our 5 original ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year. 


1. Share the love

Use the 14th of February to celebrate your love for ALL the special people in your life. There’s no reason for unattached individuals to feel lonely on the international ‘day of love’. Woo your closest friends this Valentine’s Day, by hosting a healthy dessert night for couples and singles. Get into those ‘V day’ feels by asking each friend to bring a plate in the theme of Valentine’s Day (heart-shaped Choc Raspberry Brownies anyone?), and prepare your own healthy treats and snacks. We recommend whipping up a batch of mouth-watering Salted Macadamia & Jelly Slice; it’s known to win hearts over!


2. Take it outside

If you’re anything like us, the only thing better than exercising outdoors… is exercising outdoors with the person you love. Head off on a bike ride down your favourite track, take a hike through terrain you’ve never ventured before, swim at the beach, or fit all these things into one EPIC big day out. So instead of heading to the movies or exchanging expensive pieces of jewellery, create an adventure that’s worth remembering and don’t feel pressured to celebrate Valentine’s Day the commercialised way.


3. Ditch the devices

In this busy digital age, your undivided attention means a lot more than a box of chocolates and a bouquet of roses. Try making a pact to both turn off ALL your devices and dedicate 100% of your attention to spending time together. Whether it’s for a whole day, or just the evening, think up some fun ways to hang out together that don’t include the TV and won’t be interrupted by message pings and pestering calls. Do you have a favourite board game that hasn’t been pulled out for years?What about pitching a tent in your backyard and engaging in a little stargazing? Or perhaps a session of old-school Truth or Dare that might just leave you with a little more information about your partner than you bargained for!


4. Date your parents

Okay, we agree it sounds a little strange when put like that, but how often do you actually surprise your parents with a home cooked meal? Let them prop their feet up while you prepare a tasty and colourful meal to show your love and appreciation. Include a jumbo rainbow salad with a delicious Ginger Almond Dressing with your favourite dishes and for a simple yet, impressive dessert, prepare a fresh fruit platter for dessert, topped with our Spiced Almond Dip. Sometimes it’s hard to let your parents know how much you appreciate them, so take this opportunity to express your gratefulness with a meal and quality time.


5. Get competitive

Your workmates are likely to be the people you spend the most time with each day…so why not get into the spirit of Valentine’s Day together? We challenge you to an annual ‘V day’ bake off! Encourage everyone to bring some baking in (without disclosing what they brought) and after everyone’s sampled the wares, set up a system to vote for the winners. Depending on how large your team is, you can set up categories like ‘Most Delicious’, ‘Most Healthy’ or even ‘Best Presented’. Whether or not your creation wins, your taste buds certainly will as you’ll have plenty of deliciousness to try and enjoy. 


To all the hopeless romantics: don’t let our ideas stop you from buying that punny card or treating your loved one to a meal out. But if you’re ready to mix things up a little, we dare you to celebrate this Valentine’s day a little differently.

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